Saturday, April 02, 2016

The Engineer's Bench Podcast - tops tips for video

Next in our tips series - broadcast video.
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Darren said...

"an editor friend told me that he preferred to work on DigiBeta pictures over DVCam footage not because he could spot the difference between shots from the more expensive format over the cheaper format (all other things - camera, lens, lighting etc being equal), but the more compressed pictures just made him feel more tired by the end of the day. The JND takes no account of the cumulative effect of looking at compressed footage that may at that moment look just as good but more subtly takes it toll on the viewer."

Do you know of any studies re: the physical effects of video compression on humans? The editor working on DigiBeta over DVCam because of the fatigue is very interesting. Could this mean viewing numbers will go up once everyone has changed over to glorious 4k televisions. Or may they go down because viewers will stay more alert because of the higher fidelity!

I've now mentioned this (as a bit of filler :D) in my final year project report, which is related to virtual reality headsets, I'm sure the cumulative effect of a JND is doubled when the screen is strapped to your face. Maybe a tiny bit higher resolution would discourage users from forgetting about this fad as quickly. Who knows.

Phil Crawley said...

Other than the apocryphal example above no; although I do know that similar research for audio exists. I shall quiz my colleague who did it on his degree.