Saturday, January 12, 2019

Is there an HDR mastering display that costs less than £20k? Not yet.

I was asked to take a look at the ASUS PA32U monitor - a 32" display that (when I first saw it last year) was initially an sRGB, Adobe RGB, HDR10 high-end graphics/gaming monitor. It comes in at sub £2k and so is expensive for home or office use but almost free from a film/TV perspective. Most interetsingly it could hit >1,000Cdm-2 peak white and unlike OLED displays (typ. Sony BVM-X300) it doesn't suffer ABL as more than a small percentage of the display hits peak white.

I gave the manufacturer a few pointers - essentially if it is going to have any application in film and TV it should at least support HLG and DolbyPQ. So, just before christmas a new itteration of the monitor arrived and here is a little video.

A few things to note;

  1. Terrible "blooming" near black; if it was a CRT it would be akin to bad internal reflection within the tube.
  2. The blue primary is not as good as it should be - it can't even hit 100% of rec.709
  3. Ironically, however, it does manage 84% of rec.2020 - just shows you can't get too hung up on very saturated colours,
  4. There is some sort of noise-coring going on; you should be able to disable that in the menues.
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