Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I have been so busy with work - out of town on a system build that has no internet access (yet - tomorrow!). I'll blog in the next couple of days about a brilliant network appliance we're testing there, but for the moment I got one of the (all too rare!) singing voice mails from our IT admin - Mr Ben Brown! Hear it here.
(Remeber the classic one here!)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Microsoft & Linux pt.2 - the piece I blogged recently (see here) was timely - Channel 9 (link in right-hand bar) have just run a feature on the Linux group within Microsoft. The half-hour video is very revealing. They have a very honest accessment of where Red Hat et al. are WRT Windows. I wonder if we're on the brink of Microsoft embrassing open source in the same way they did the Internet ten years ago. At the time that was characterised as a paradign shift rather than a logical progression and is probably why early server-vendors (typ. Novell) just aren't there any more - loosing even a year in adopting TCP/IP meant they lost all credibility very quickly. It's interesting that Microsoft have so far avoided loosing their business model in the face of change - they haven't (yet) "done an IBM/Wang/ICL (insert your favorite mainframe manufacturer of the 20th century here)".
Anyhow - with Ward Cunningham now working there anything could happen!
Oh, the Channel 9 piece is here.