Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Windows Media 9 Encoder & WDM capture cards
At work we're producing a media capture system that all revolves around Windows Media 9 Encoder which (according to the documentation) works with any video card that supports WDM capture - I've used the Hauppage WinTV PCI cards for this applciation for the last three years - firstly in Media Encoder 7.1 and then the beta of Media 9 Encoder - yesterday we hosed up a machine at work and although the card works with it's own capture app (and other generic video application - VirtualDub etc.) when you try to configure it in WM9 Enc it hangs the machine (at "Ring Zero", James our tech director assured me). Trawling Google showed several hundred people making the same complaint - the only advice (that I've not yet tried) is to revert to the standard mode non-WDM driver (the old Video for Windows standard) - to expedite matter we've bought Osprey cards (one of the few models mentioned on Touched by the hand of Bill!

Oh, and another thing - I went home and upgraded the machine that has a Hauppage card from the Beta of WM9 Enc to full release and it stopped working with the capture card.

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