Monday, December 08, 2003

KinetiZ 7E motherboard
I've just upgraded my "media PC" (the machine I keep my movies and mp3s on) - the one hooked up to my TV & HiFi. Part of the reason of moving away from Win2K was for remote desktop (see below). Win2K didn't like the APCI power features of that board so I disabled them and all was well. BUT, WinXP wouldn't even boot with the BIOS set to disable APCI power management and the machine would crash every few hours with it enabled (Event log showed a flurry of APCI errors just before Windows would bomb). Thankfully there is a recent BIOS update which sorted it out. I'm not a person who upgrades merely for the sake of it but I'm glad QDI keep on top of these things (that motherboard is two years old!).

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