Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I updated the drivers for my Nvidia Quadro NVS dual-head display card on my main XP machine - better frame rates on Halo and Jedi Academy! Anyhow - in the the process I managed to set the display driver to a higher res than my new Dell monitors would support and so was in the situation that as soon as Windows booted the monitors went into power save mode! No problemo - boot into VGA mode BUT, with an Apple USB keyboard (see post from December) AND not having enabled BIOS keyboard support for USB meant I had to lash up a PS/2 keyboard - BUT, my machines are in the cellar! So I had a happy half an hour of running up and down the basement stairs to check what was on the screen and make the adjustments!
Morale of the story - always enable USB keyboard support in the BIOS!

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