Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dual-link HD SDi is dead (and other things!)

I had a great meeting with Lee Ballinger - a sales engineer at Tektronix who looks after Root6. He periodically updates me on new products and gets me up to speed for when I have to demo them. He is a great guy - an old school engineer who is very much grounded in test and measurement. The WFM7100 series is the new range of portable rasterised video 'scopes and looks set to really clean up - they have addresses the (very few) weaknesses of the WVR range and have a killer product. I'll blog a bit more about it when I've had a day with our new demo unit. Lee also told me about a couple of interesting developments that he's been party to in other Tek divisions;

  • Sony are set to kill off the dual-link HD-SDi interface - as a three-gig interconnect it has always been seen as ungainly and they aren't going to launch any more products that use it - a ten gig multi-mode fibre (straight to the back of the VTR/Telecine/etc.) is just around the corner. This will mean that those stick-in-the-mud engineers who refuse to take fibre seriously (or do it half-heartedly) will have to pull their fingers out.

  • Quad-core 4.4Ghz Intel chips - he's seen production samples in quantity and they are coming soon - Tek's new seven gig 'scope wasn't quick enough and they had to rush a set of prototypes to Intel to allow testing of those new microprocessors!

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