Thursday, September 28, 2006

Scripting, scripting everywhere!

In the light of the vector graphics vulnerability in IE6/Outlook and all the other nasties that can arrive into your PC via scripting I've been running NoScript under Firefox - It is excellent - by default it stops any active (i.e. Java, Javascript, Activescript, AJAX etc) content from executing in your browser. You then have the choice of white-listing a site or only temporarily allowing it. Most sites look broken when you first enter them, but I take the view that I'd rather choose who I allow scripting for. Your also never quite sure if a site has a load of iFrames back to dodgy sites and then there are all the add banners to consider. Have a look at this site - they clearly refer to MANY other sites with active content!
Now I have just one bit of Javascript on this blog - it allows you to launch the webcams in a buttonless window - but if you have scripting turned off it merely launches in a new browser window.

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