Thursday, February 01, 2007

Spam gibberish

Have you ever wondered where junk emailers get that random English text they stick at the end of messages? It looks like it might mean something and although you understand what the individual phrases mean it's still nonsense - a bit like Timeout magazine or anything written by Will Self!
Anyhow - while reading some Newsgroup entries from 1999 I came across this chap - his name is Alan Earle and I'm sure it's just the output of some (very poor) natural language processing project - have a look at this and see if you know what he's banging on about;

They allocated although after we had a cochannel I will get their sophistication, until they exploited it to reclaim him. I cultivated before that I had every nuisance they could solicit its comprehension, before they obstructed him to curtail us.

He's all over the American political newsgroups from the late nineties.

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