Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Korg M1 battery replacement and patch re-load

My middle boy Daniel plays keyboard and drums (though not at the same time - that would be clever!) - his keyboard is an inherited Korg M1 - back in the late eighties/early nineties it was the multi-timbrel keyboard of choice for many bands but is now a bit long in the tooth. Still the keyboard is nice with good touch-sensitivity and after-touch. The AI synthesis that it employs is great for piano and organ patches and you strings are pretty lush.
Recently it started flagging up that the internal battery was going flat and of course we ignored it - eventually it lost all it's patches, combination sounds and sequences and without spending half an hour trying to program a better sound it produced a plinky-plonky piano that nobody wanted to hear! So - I scored me a £10 USB-MIDI cable off eBay and set about finding the SysEX files to re-load. Terry Little's Korg site is fantastic - he has a walk-through with photos for replacing the CR2032 button cell and links to the original Korg factory settings. I use BankEditor (which is a MIDI librarian specifically for Korg M1 & K3s) - it even comes with the factory Combi, Programmes and Drum kits.
For some reason MidiOX - my MIDI utility of choice - failed to write anything back to the M1 even though it could extract SysEX dumps. Anyhow - Dan is back is the land of the Hammond B3......!


bMajor said...

Hi If you still have the issue with MIDI OX SysEX Transfer, You may wish to increase the Buffer size for input and out put ( thru configure menu ).

I had the SysEX trnasfer Problem and got away by modofying the buffer size. Thanks

Dave said...

Hi, very late in the day, but I just purchased an M1, replaced the battery and had a lot of trouble loading the Sysex. Finally got it to work using a program called WM1 by Angel Ortega. Worked a treat. Once I had set up the korg by setting global parameters:

select global and press 5 for Midi Global. Ch=1 CLK:INT Local:on

Then Page + and make sure all settings are enable (ENA). Page up again and Internal and Card should be OFF

Page + again and make sure Internal and Card are both OFF

Page + again and Internal and Card are both OFF

Page + again Memory allocation should be 100/100.

Start WMA and make sure Midi interface is connected. go to load sysex file and load the factory defaults (I got mine from UK Korg Support www.korguksupport.co.uk/ filename is M1preld.syx .

If you then press Dump on the M1 (key G or H) it should save. I am not sure if you need to do this step, but I did. Next power off and on the keyboard and bingo!