Friday, January 11, 2008

Tektronix vs Sony

This afternoon it was a stand-off between two giants of the broadcast hardware world - in the red corner was the test and measurement colossus Tektronix with their WVR7100 video waveform rasteriser. In the blue corner was Sony with their new LMD-2450W monster HiDef monitor.
The problem is that the XGA output of the Tek doesn't drive the XGA input of the Sony. Every other monitor was fine and every other device (well, mine and Simon's laptops) could light up the Sony at 1024x768 @60hz. After much puzzling I called Lee at Tektronix and he confessed that they didn't have a proper XGA timing device, rather than relying on some capacity on an FPGA and so consequently it runs at approximately 60hz - the Sony (it transpires) is very fussy. I spent the afternoon stripping off the syncs using a Procon processing DA and re-inserting it as separate H&V syncs, composite syncs and finally syncs-on-green but to no avail. I'd assumed it was a synchronisation issue.
Anyhow - while truffling about on the web I found this great Tektronix document on DVI test and measurement.
You'd best do a save as on that PDF - for some reason it won't open in the browser

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