Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jeans, t-shirt and not shaving!

Pretty much every job decision I have ever made has had (if not the primary concern!) appearance as an important factor. When I started at the Beeb it was a revelation that you could do a graduate technical job and get paid a decent wage wearing jeans and t-shirt. Since then I've enjoyed the fact that in our industry doesn't judge by appearance. I regularly don't bother to shave from Monday to Friday and nobody assumes I'm an ineffective engineer/project manager as a result. In that way (and not many others!) maybe television is the most egalitarian of workplaces. My qualifications and record are all that matter and the cut of my clothes is irrelevant. I suppose that makes entire sense - why should your apparel have any bearing on how honest or competent you are?
One final thought - you know that the guys who masterminded the Enron scam (and in fact any other incident of massive business fraud) were wearing suites costing many thousands of dollars. Perhaps your personal integrity is in inverse proportion to the value of the clothes you wear - or perhaps there is no relationship!


hks1966 said...

Intersting theory. Next you'll be saying people buy Mac PCs just they look good.

Phil Crawley said...

I don't know about that - all my computers are in rack in my basement!