Friday, May 23, 2008

The Frames and 7digital

For ages I've been waiting for Amazon to launch their MP3 store here in the UK. Now iTunes is ultimately easy to use but I don't buy DRM-crippled music. Anyhow - Brian put me onto 7digital and then (after hearing me listen to BellX1) he recommended that I check out The Frames. I scored their album 'The Cost' for seven quid and have been enjoying it ever since.


Anonymous said... does MP3 and BBC just announced that Napster will be offering ALL their huge catalog as MP3. I haven't seen that announced on their own site yet, and don't know if it's gonna happen in the UK or just the US. But it'd be great if this is a sign of dying DRM!

I bought some Coldplay and Foreigner from 7digital last night. Higher quality MP3's quick, easy and cheap witout the DRM!


Phil Crawley said...

Dude, you bought Foreigner!
What next - REO Speedwagon, Boston or Chicago? FM Rock lives!

"I've been waiting, for a girl like you....." - yeah!

Anonymous said...

Dan really likes Urgent. I'd choose Boston next. More Than a Feeling!


Rupert said...

I've been waiting for a girl like you to get into my OS!

REO Hairdresser