Friday, July 11, 2008

Humyo - storage in the cloud

It's a very fashionable expression at the moment - I saw a reference to cloud computing in The Guardian last week! Anyway - I've been looking for a service and was about to go with Amazon's S3 (probably using Jungle Disk) when I read PCW's review of Humyo. I'm not sure how they manage to offer such a good free service (perhaps they'll go bust soon! The curse of Web 2.0) but the paid-for account is only £30 per year and you get 100gigs (as opposed to thirty on the free account). As a place to stash a photo backup it's hard to beat - the browser is very usable and their server extracts all necessary EXIF data to catalogue your pictures as best it can.
The online media player is also superb - keeping CDs online means you can listen anywhere.
I think the only significant limitation of the free account is that they limit the upload bandwidth - it's going to take a couple of days to upload eight years of photos! I think I may go for the paid account just to get the desktop client that handles automated backup and drive mapping.

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