Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jailbreaking & unlocking v 2.0.2 iPhone

What a jolly kind fellow Kevin King is - The product manager for ContentAgent (the encoding machine made by Root6 - the firm I currently work for) - his blog and Flickr - donated his v.1 iPhone to Joseph (my eldest) and of course I had to re-pave, update, jailbreak and unlock (for use on Orange).
So - don't pay for this service. There are numerous companies offering to do it for twenty or even thirty quid and it's all on the web. The tool you need is WinPwn (it easiest if done from Windows) and I've packaged it all into a ZIP archive here along with a PDF explaining it all.

The official Apple firmware (which WinPwn modifies for your handset) is here.

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