Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fridge-freezer mains earth defrosting connundrum!

I have an upright fridge-freezer in my kitchen and about a year ago I moved it to clean underneath. Since then every month I've had to defrost it (despite it being a frost-free model) and was getting ready to maybe replace it. However, three months ago I noticed that the extension cable that powers it (from a socket in the lader) had been tugged (I assume when I moved it out to clean) and on further inspection the mains earth had come out in the trailing MK13 socket on the end of the extension. I re-wired it and since then the thing hasn't frosted up once!
I'm at a loss - how does the presence (or not) of a mains safety earth cause this behavior? What about those countries that don't have an earth?

If you've got a thought then I love to hear it - have a party in the comments!

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Saul said...

asking us to explain a technical phenomenon that you don't understand yourself ... that may be expecting a bit much of your readership there!

something to do with ions innit ;)