Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ZFS - modern filesystem

I've banged on about Isilon in the past and it still seems like the best commercial solution for people who need large storage pools that are 110% reliable with predictable/scalable performance and a single mount-point (if necessary) that can grow dynamically without impacting the end users.
Given that NTFS and HFS are both looking a bit elderly now (and NTFS in Vista even more so) and the world needs a contemporary file-system that goes beyond what we needed back in the days of FAT16. The good news is that ZFS is supported fully in OS-X 10.6 server and so it may be the case that we see very Isilon-like storage pools built from more commodity hardware. If you're interested then the Wikipedia article (link in the title) gives a good overview of ZFS's zpools (their virtual volume construct) - they are analogous to Isilon's nodes.
Anyway - a superb into is to be had with this podcast featuring the guys from Sun.


Randal L. Schwartz said...

Thanks for linking to our FLOSS Weekly podcast featuring ZFS and the guys from Sun!

Anonymous said...

TWIT rocks