Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back from holidays

Not much going on on this blog because I've been in Spain for the last two weeks.

Here are some of the power things I noticed there;

  • Mains sub-stations often attached to pilons - in small villages the 11kV transformers weren't in small brick buildings surrounded by a wall but were attached may 15m up on the tower.

  • Electricity meters - mounted in cavities in walls and finished with a perspex front panel - your meter can be read without them ringing your doorbell.

  • Our holiday main hook-up was of a much higher standard than I've ever seen in any British camp site - proper IP67 box with MCB & RCD per positions and the site manager came and inspected our mains before he'd turn us on. He was quite tickled that I had my Martindale death-tester to hand.

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