Monday, November 09, 2009

iPhone - burning my leg!

On Saturday morning when I was enjoying my pancakes I noticed my iPhone was roasting hot - there was a strip a few mm wide across the back of the device (where the Apple logo is ironically!) that was too hot to touch. I quickly powered it down and once it was cool it started up again OK - I cycled all the radios (WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G etc) and it all seemed to be working except the battery discharged in about half an hour (it had been full before the hot leg incident). Subsequently it would hold a charge for just a few hours and less than an hour if you made a couple of calls or listened to any tunes.
O2 swapped it out without any fuss (even supplied a complete new set of accessories - handy to have another charger!) and iTunes restore function leaves you with a 'phone that is in exactly the same state as when you last sync'ed - must less painful than the numerous Windows mobiles I've had over the years.
I can only assume that one cell in the battery pile had internally shorted and burnt out and that the 'phone is able to run on 5/6th of the voltage.

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