Thursday, December 17, 2009

Every Windows user to get pop-up menu of internet browsers

Every person who owns a computer with Microsoft Windows is to be offered their choice of internet browsers in an automatic pop-up menu following an agreement today between the software company and the European Union.

I know liberals never like to see one sunflower grow any bigger than the others but this is plainly ridiculous - as one of the comments reads; "..when can I have a choice of a Ford engine in my Vauxhall car?" - and when has anyone ever been stopped from using whatever browser they want? Will Apple ever be obliged to let me use Windows Media Player to manage my iPhone? It seems wrong to punish a company for being successful when they behave exactly like everyone else. You know that if Steve Jobs ran a company with greater than 10% market share Apple would behave twice as aggressively.
I haven't used IE for six years but I don't think the EU should be able dictate to a company how they should configure their OS. Let's remember Microsoft are in the position they are because of market forces - they behave in a relatively ethical manner; they don't pollute, they don't use third-world slave labour and they don't do deals with brutal dictators.
Just sayin'.....

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