Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A year with the iPhone - what apps?

I thought I'd re-visit a post from a bit more than a year ago with what apps have stood the test of time on my iPhone. IOS 4 on the 3G was a no-no, I went back to 3.1.3 quite quickly and was pleased to have done so. Despite all the LifeHacker tips I couldn't get v.4 on a 3G to run acceptably fast. I'm looking forward to our upgrade to the 4 in a couple of months though.
  • Memory Stick - file manager & WiFi NAS utility – it’s how I’m managing my cable schedules etc
  • Dropbox is the best thing for file sync - half the reason I carry a device is for this!
  • Undercover - GPS tracker for lost/stolen iPhones - Ungainly, and without multitasking I think it is pointless. It seems like Apple are starting the include this functionality.
  • London Tube - the official one
  • Solitaire - probably the thing I used most on the Windows smartphone!
  • VNC light
  • Remote - the Apple iTunes one
  • SpawnLite - fun OpenGL demo - Meant the kids just left fingerprints all over screen all the time!
  • Wikipanion - makes Wikipedia a lot more usable on the small screen
  • Classics - a dozen books with a nice reader app Even though Apple took this app for the iPad I've not got used to reading for more than a few minutes on the iPhone's little screen.
  • Guitar Tuner - works really well – AEDGBE! Doesn't work as well as a real guitar tuner (which is always in my guitar case!)
  • Holy Bible - I like to read the scriptures and this one does it well
  • Skype
  • Independent newspaper - really free! I've started reading the paper every day again.
  • iCar Radio Lite - best radio app, I listen to Radio 4 over 3G all the time.
  • TWiT streaming app - all Leo, all the time - excellent!
Aside from these here are my home screens so you can see for yourself;

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