Thursday, September 16, 2010

Even leaving Virgin Media was painful!

I got my Talk Talk line run in yesterday and now have a nice aDSL2 connection and new 'phone line. I've ranted about Virgin in the past, but in a nutshell they are expensive (because I don't use the TV service), unreliable (it's gone down for days at a time) and their tech support is awful.
So - I called them to discontinue and start the number-port process and got the following torrent of lies!
  1. "You won't get more than two megabits per second out of Talk Talk" - well I ran several times yesterday and averages 22mBits/sec - faster than my Virgin cable.
  2. "We can arrange for you to never have to talk to a foreigner again" - honestly, they said this before I'd told them how poor I thought their tech support was. This is implied racism; I don't mind talking to someone from India (they tend to be more polite and better informed than someone from Blighty - that's just because they're probably a graduate on decent money in India and not a minimum wage worker in a UK call centre).
  3. "Talk Talk won't let you bring a number with you" - well they were kind of right here - the dirty little secret Virgin don't tell you is that they don't have number-porting agreements with other service providers (unlike the rest of the industry who follow OfCom's recommendations) - so you can take a number to Virgin but never away from them.

So - I'm pleased to be rid of them and their trail of lies and broken promises! Take some time to read my other entries on them before you sign up to an expensive, unreliable service.

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