Thursday, March 08, 2012

What's in your rucksack?

Phil and High go over the basic set of tools and test kit that broadcast engineers on the hoof need! Find it on iTunes, vanilla RSS, YouTube or the show notes website.

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themoog said...

Good cast chaps.

My kits been honed over many years and pretty much is spot on with yours :) My mentor used to say 'if you need more than a pair of lindstorms an a type 2 Phillips you probably don't know what your doing' Some how he seemed to be ale to swap a head on a DVW500 with very much that!

While Im sure that might be folklore you don't need loads (don't get me wrong though in my main kit I'm a tool whore).

My only additions are the following - An IEC to 13AMP mains adaptor (for plugging in the laptop and other test kit (never use in service!) - Ethernet crossover adaptor - Belkin networking / USB kit