Friday, May 11, 2012

HD/SDi over fibre and SMPTE 297M (2006)

I've recently installed an NVision 8144 router at a large facility and some of the output cards are for fibre - dual LCs on each SFP with 3G video conforming to SMPTE 297M (SDi over single mode fibre). Very nice. Over the last couple of years I've put in a load of the little Black Magic fibre transceivers and although they perform admirably (only had to replace one due to it being roughly handled by an OB rigger!) but I couldn't quite bring myself to believe that the mighty Blackmagic would conform to the same spec! They really are built to budget (and excellent for it). However, I had a situation where my choice was to buy the Miranda fibre receivers (at a grand a piece) OR use the half dozen BMs I already had. To my surprise the Blackmagics worked just fine. Maybe SMPTE compliance does mean something, in the case of fibre I assumed manufacturers would juts vary too much, but I suppose SDi over copper is universal, so why not over glass as well?

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