Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some more training notes

Video Measurement - Principals (4 days)

Course Aim The aim of the course is to provide grounding in video fundamentals, compression and picture quality analysis for staff who work with video processing, detection and vision systems.

Course Structure 
  • Day 1 - TV Fundamentals; Scanning and Sampling, Colour Systems, Analogue Composite Coding - notes
  • Day 2 - TV Fundamentals; Digital Component Coding, Conversion of Film to Television, High Definition - notes
  • Day 3 - Compression; DCT principles, Intra-Frame vs Inter-Frame Encoding, blocks and macroblocks etc. Video Tape Recording; Magnetic recording principles, rotary recording, Simple VT maintenance - morning notes, afternoon notes
  • Day 4 - Television Measurements; Analogue, Digital, Picture Quality Analysis; Analogue picture impairments, digital picture impairments, compression, TV Displays; CRT, LCD and Plasma displays. Problems with LCD and Plasma, Projection systems - morning notes, afternoon notes

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