Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amulet's temporal dithering KEXT & fear of OS-X's console!

I've written previously about Amulet's fix for both nVidia and Radeon graphics cards doing temporal dithering under OS-X and how that spoils any KVM-over-IP system's ability to do compression. I had a good meeting with Amulet on Friday relating to a proposed customer's requirements but also got to chat to James Seward (@jamesoff on Twitter). He showed me a couple of interesting things:
  • My assumption that the current version of his Kext wasn't working under Snow Leopard was actually due to the method he was using to signal the Kext had installed correctly - the error basically says that NScolor doesn't understand the call - never fear the Console! It showed that all was well;

  • His worry that any other KVM-over-IP manufacturer could just take his Kext and use it to make OS-X displays work using their system has been circumvented by checking for the presence of Amulet hardware (that's an expensive dongle!);

Now the week after next is BVE, this time it's at the Excel Center in Docklands (goodbye Earl's Court!) and I'm doing some training tasters but all of the workstations on our stand will be extended over Amulet. I think this is one of the most significant technologies we've taken on in recent years and so come and grab me for a demo.

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