Sunday, March 17, 2013

AES audio on D-25 connectors

I've been working at a facility that delivers DCP masters to cinemas and the thing that we had to pay lots of attention to is the pinouts for various multi-channel audio servers and monitoring boxes, principally;

  • Dolby 650 & 750 surround processors - the gadgets that "tame" a room to make it sound like a cinema or screening environment should
  • TC Electronic TM09 multi-channel monitors; used for loudness monitoring (R128 & ITU.1770)
  • Dolby DS100 & 200 servers
  • Doremi DCP2000 servers

They are all different!
I could just list all the pinouts from the manuals but here are a couple of grabs from cable schedules that show exactly how to do it over DMP-10 cable, krone blocks etc.

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