Monday, December 02, 2013

The Engineer's Bench - hosting a video podcast

So for whatever reason have shut down the account that Hugh and I were using to host the RSS feed and media for the video podcast we do. Without any warning they shut off making any changes to the account (like re-directing the RSS feed and I hadn't been sensible enough to run it via FeebBurner) or even putting up a "so long and thanks for all the fish" clip up to let our iTunes & other podcast watchers know that the feed was dieing. Apparently we're a bit dry; they don't want engineering/educational screencasts, rather stuff that's more 'off the wall'. Ho hum - it was free (and free is never good) and so we've stretched to paying for hosting. 

From now on all Engineer's Bench goodness will be at it's own domain;

What is worth noting is that only a minority of our watchers do so via iTunes/RSS - most folks now get it via Youtube, and so that has been unaffected and can still be found at the same old place.

We've been a bit slow recently but it's just the pressure of work. We have several planned:

  • KVM-over-IP - a technology whose time has come 
  • Software tricks and tips with Excel and other software for broadcast engineers 
  • Hardware pt.2 Raspberry Pi and NetIOM control boards
So hopefully 2014 will produce a return to form for your favorite broadcast engineering related video podcast!

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