Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Next update on the Oscilliscope Watch

I got the email saying that mine has been shipped! Also - a Post Office depot card was awaiting me at home yesterday; as soon as I can get to the collection office...!

 Please keep in mind that there is a lot to do and the little that has been implemented has lots of bugs.

Oscilloscope Watch Overview

Firmware upgrading

One common task you will need to perform is to update the firmware, this is done thru the USB port and using the FLIP application from Atmel. To enter bootloader mode, you need to press the KL and KI buttons for a few seconds. You will hear a distinctive sound to indicate that the device is in bootloader mode, and the red LED will stay lit once connected to the computer, the LCD will be blank. The Oscilloscope Watch will appear as a new device on the host computer, the drivers required are found in the FLIP application folder.

The procedure to upgrade the firmware:
  1. Start Flip.
  2. Select ATXMEGA256A3U in the device selection list.
  3. Select USB as communication medium.
  4. Open the USB port to connect to the target.
  5. Make sure the FLASH buffer is selected and check: ERASE, BLANK CHECK, PROGRAM, VERIFY.
  6. Load the HEX file Xprotokey.hex.
  7. Press RUN.
  9. Load the HEX file Xprotokey.eep.
  10. Uncheck ERASE and BLANK CHECK, only leave checked PROGRAM and VERIFY
  11. Press RUN.

The latest HEX files will be stored in Github.
I am planning to incorporate the firmware upgrading to the XScopes Software, so all these steps will be replaced with a single button press.

Firmware development

I hope to be releasing new firmware updates every one or two weeks. Any Beta backer that wants to participate in the development of the firmware is welcome. You can send me a message with your Github ID if you want to stay in sync and share your contributions.
To develop on the Oscilloscope Watch you will need to download Atmel Studio. The source code for the Oscilloscope Watch is available on Github.
If the device hangs, one method to reset the device is to press the KL and KI buttons for a few seconds. This will make the device enter bootloader mode, then press KM and KD to reset the device.

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