Tuesday, April 29, 2014

File access problems in VidChecker v 5.7.2

I'm a big fan of VidChecker for file-based worksflows. Having demo'ed both Intera Systems Baton and Tektronix Cerify in the past I find VidChecker to be the better solution (who thought Crawley would put Tektronix in second place in any area?!). Hugh and I did a podcast on file-based QC last year.

So I keep a copy of VidChecker server on my laptop running in a VM for demo purposes. On Monday I got v.5.7.2 which brings the following;

  1. Test and correction of multiple loudness modes concurrently (I-mode, S-mode and M-mode) 
  2. Multiple mono audio track detection 
  3. Update of DPP templates to DPP spec 4.1 
  4. Additional visual drop-out detections 
  5. Test for breaks in 2:3 cadence pattern 
  6. MXF timecode continuity check 
  7. Minor improvements to UI (e.g. report options) 
However, when I ran the server up I found I couldn't process any files.

I would never have figured out the solution, but apparently a recent Windows update means that if you ever use "localhost" assuming it will translate to either (local loopback IP address) OR your local IP address you'll be out of luck (unless your DNS does the right thing, but I think that's unlikely!). So edit the hosts file;


Once in the file remove the hash from the line below and save;

# localhost 

Which begs the question; why is it hash'ed out by default?

That's better!

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