Tuesday, February 24, 2004

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Scrap license fee, Tories urged - This is iniquitous, The BBC license fee is about a third of the cost to the average family of the money ITV take from them on their annual supermarket bill. I have a choice as to whether I pay for the Beeb - I can either buy a license or not. I have NO choice as to paying for ITV which represents poor value in both a financial and artistic sense. This is my definition of a tax. As far as I can see the only morally decent models of funding TV are the license fee OR pay-per-view. Getting rid of the license fee would mean that the Beeb would have to chase the same down-market "reality"/pop/soap model more than they currently do and would be a further nail in the coffin for good tele in the UK. Why don't we just hand the whole lot over to the "editorial" team of the Sun and enjoy LiveTV (remember them!) 24-7 on two-hundred odd channels, all available from that nice Mr Murdock (sic)!

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