Monday, February 09, 2004

Today myself and my work mate Graham (blog on the right hand bar) had to rig a Sony Xpri at the Video Forum. Previously this trade show was the province of The Guild Of Wedding Videographers (that lot again!) but it seems to have moved upmarket - so much so that we're there demo'ing high definition television and digital film workflow. I did spot a stand by some people called DV Warehouse - all shrink-wrapped copies of Adobe Premier and OEM DVD-burners! Perhaps it is clinging to it's Prosumer origins.
Chopper joined us later and we had a jolly time getting it all talking! SPV pics here.
Oh, Graham and I did spot what was clearly a production model of a Blue-Ray disk recorder (50 gig re-writeable disks) - clearly a domestic gadget from the far east - all composite video i/o (on phonos) and unbalanced audio. There are a couple of bad pics of it on the previous link.

If you're comming to the show then swing by the Sony stand and get Graham to give you the Xpri/HDCam religion - I'll be there on Wednesday.

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