Monday, July 31, 2006

Cable Rod - Cable installation system

Cable Rod is a highly effective professional cable installation tool which has been proven to make significant savings on a wide range of cable installation work.
This practical and self-explaining device facilitates the quick and easy installation of cables behind walls, under floors or via suspended ceilings. Rods made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) are simply screwed together and fitted with one or more of the clever attachments. Three diameters and bending radius guarantee high flexibility, so that rods can either be bent, pushed or pulled.

I got one of these sets whilst helping Tony with some fibre cabling at Channel Five - what a revelation - I shall never go on site again without one of these bad boys! It is just what you need for getting cables run in tight spaces and means you can go the whole length of a room lifting a fraction of the floor tiles you'd normally need to. The torch gadget is very useful when you're in a dark void.

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