Thursday, October 26, 2006

five - they've got downloading wrong!

Sarah and I watch CSI (I know - not a thing you'd admit in serious company!). Currently in the UK CSI:Miami is the only one that's not showing old episodes - on five it's in the middle of season four (season five just started in the States). Anyhow - we can't miss an episode! We'd not claim to like it but we keep coming back for more.
I like to criticize the science (have you ever seen the OS they seem to run on all their computers?) and the look (graded by a colour-blind fool on acid!). Sarah prefers to mock the stories and acting -
Horatio; ¨Now I want you to let me worry about that¨ (removes sunglasses),
Token black lab-tech; ¨Sure thing H¨ etc.

Anyhow - I'm currently pulling twelve hour days to try and get a feasibility study finished (ironically for Channel Five!) because Sarah and the boys are off for half-term visiting my folks. Imagine my horror when I realizedised that having swapped a drive in my PVR machine (the mighty MediaPortal) I hadn't re-powered it and consequently missed this week's episode. I remembered that Stuart at five had told me about their download service and so off I went - £1.99 for an episode - fantastic - peace at home for the price of a skinny-laite! My heart sank when I tried to get episode fifteen - You have to use IE6/ActiveX/JavaScript for their download manager (have they not heard of security?!) to work and the file is DRM-crippled. Now I want to watch this on my PVR, not on my PC - this is proper tele after all, not a three-minute YouTube clip. So, I fell at the first hurdle - I was willing to pay but they made it easier for me to just go and snag it from Bittorrent (which I did - and it was in HD).

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rupert said...

I hope you mentioned it to Stuart?!?