Friday, October 06, 2006

Quantum SDLT 600A

We've got a couple of these gadgets in to see if they are the ultimate backup solution (sic) - they do look interesting though. It a 300gig DLT2 drive with an FTP server in it. The machine understands the MXF format and allows you to pull specific time-code ranges off. In theory it opens the way for a data-driven digital conform for film and TV editing. They do a robot for multiple tapes and when you have that the separate tapes appear as different folders off the root of the FTP - all very clever!
Oh - the mouse is attached to Rupert's laptop - the only connection on the back of the drive is a gigabit ethernet RJ45 - no SCSI or Fibre Channel.
Here's the blurb;
Quantum's new SDLT 600A is the first data tape system enhanced for professional video. This revolutionary system combines the well established benefits of data tape archiving with video tape convenience and accessibility.
The SDLT 600A’s feature set makes the drive MXF-aware which permits video tape-like access to subclips by timecode and provides an unprecedented level of interoperability between applications and environments.
With its built-in Gigabit Ethernet port, the SDLT 600A is a network attached device so it can be directly connected to any network and accessed by every edit workstation, networked server, graphics devices, or other computer based video equipment on the network.
Because it uses Super DLTtape II™, the SDLT 600A delivers a 30 year tape archive life to protect professional video, audio and data assets better than any video tape backup. Each cartridge holds 300GB of information and allows faster-than-real-time transfer rates of up to 288 Mb/sec. And, because each Super DLTtape II contains key MXF metadata in a tape-based file directory, your media is transportable and exchangeable for seamless application independence.

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