Saturday, January 20, 2007

Celebrity Big Brother

I was very involved in the first three years of Big Brother (previous stories; Marcus, the voice of Big Brother, Avids dangerous for transmission, and my OB truck) - I designed and (with Tony D's help!) built the post-production environment, wrote the video ingest automation for the network review system and was one of the technical supervisor on most days. I felt that at the time they really saw it as a brave and new format where they were doing some truely innovative television. By the time I left it seemed that all the experienced TV folks who'd done other things before Big Brother had moved on and all the production crew and editors were youngsters that had only done reality shows. I think it's no coincidence that as a programme it's become degenerate and the only interest it holds is a purient one. It's all come to a head this week with small-minded bigotry - is she a racist? It probably doesn't matter - it's all bullying after all.


Kevin said...

Phil, only this weekend, after hearing about the show in the news, I said to Lucy, "I'll bet Phil's glad he has nothing to do with the show these days".

I say more Harry Hill, less reality tv!

Phil Crawley said...

I'd have to agree on both counts!

¨Would you the pork or would you the lamb?¨