Thursday, January 11, 2007

WiFi performance on Windows Mobile 2005

What with all the hoopla surrounding Apple's iPhone I came across a setting on Windows Mobile that makes file transfer over 802.11g usable (or not!). I noticed that when I re-paved my current handset (Vodafone's V1605 which is a badged HTC Innovation) file transfer speeds over wireless from my server dropped to a snails pace (half an hour to copy a 20meg podcast MP3 - I was used to transfering 300megs of podcasts, music & TV every day while eating my breakfast!) - so, if you look under;

Start>Settings>Connections>Wireless LAN>Power Mode

You have to set it to Best Performance or you too will enjoy going grey waiting for files to copy!

Getting back to the Apple iPhone I (like everyone else) thought how lovely it looked. All the features have been on Windows Mobile 'phones for two years without forcing you to use iTunes etc. However - it's all about the GUI. I was tempted to say ¨Never mind the quality, feel the width!¨ but that might be churlish.
The mighty James Clarke wrote a more intelligent review of the iPhone than I ever could - check out his blog - he's our man in Seattle.

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