Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cerberus and FTP minucea

Having written about Cerberus FTP server in the past I did notice that after I upgraded to v 2.43 on my Windows server I was experiencing some delays when publishing from Blogger. Now I don't know about the finer points of FTP (despite it being the protocol I've used on an almost daily basis since 1985!) but a quick tweak of Cerberus's passive FTP settings made things good - see the screen-shot.
As an aside one of the other nice features of Cerberus is that it handles IP banning automatically. Whereas IIS will happily sit there letting a Chinese hacker run a password generator on you for days (it takes about three hours to fill your system even log over a cable-modem connection) Cerberus will (by default) lock out an IP address for three hours once it's got it's login wrong ten times - very cool. It means your FTP server suddenly isn't vulnerable - why has Microsoft never got wise to this kind of thing?

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