Friday, March 30, 2007

Unit Post and JVC monitors

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Tim Burton, Technical Manager, Unit Post Production, explains, "The MCR has enabled us to keep the edit suites cutting 100% of the time, and streamline how we execute ancillary tasks. The biggest gains have been in digital delivery and rendering times, by moving these tasks from the workstations to a 20 processor cluster we have seen a 5 fold increase in speed. Root6 completed the installation to an extremely high standard and It was a pleasure to work with Phil Crawley as he took the concept and helped develop it into a rounded solution within weeks. We have only scratched the surface of what this technology can offer and are continuing to expand and refine our systems and workflows."

I like those guy! I was back there today helping them out with some colour issues in their grading room. I discovered a few things about JVC SD/HD monitors - specifically;

  • If you use one of their HD-SDi, SD, or mixed-mode cards you only get the Rec601 matrix. This means that when you calibrate for the tube for correct illuminant-D you wind up with a monitor that shifts either green or magenta (depending on which way you calibrated).

  • If you install a component input card the colourimetry doesn't shift in this way - BUT the change in the raster causes the monitor to sit the picture down (the blacks get crushed) and you get a slight yellow cast in the white.
So, with all this in mind I've taken to calibrating those displays for HD and SD and handing the customer a set of instructions of changing the numbers when they start a new job.

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