Friday, March 09, 2007

Two steps back, one forward.

I noticed that over the last few weeks a couple of machine rooms I designed and built have closed. Oasis has gone under but it appears Sanctuary are taking it on. The basement machine room (thirty-eight racks, Phillips 64x64 matrix) was build over Christmas 1995 when we took over the building. My old mucker Chris Clegg was the project engineer (I was the chief engineer at the time) and they seemed to have got lots of value from that install. O2 - the duplication machine room on the 2nd floor (seventeen racks, BTS 128x128 matrix) was designed and built by me at the end of 1998.
Resolution's Old Street building - I designed and built that facility in the summer of 1999 - twenty-four Avids and a twenty-two rack machine room. I had a lot of fun there although endless re-versioning of Pet Rescue took it's toll!
On a more positive note we've recently built The Farm's new facility in Soho Square - Corner. It all went very well, it was the first time we did a system build for those guys and they were nice people to work for.

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