Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Got my Mojo working

I did investigate this the Production Show before last (2005) - I thought I'd so this but include balancing for the audio to make it a bit more pro - XLRs & BNCs on the back. I got Bryant to do me a quote for the metalwork and adding in the cost of a buffer card to balance/level match the audio brought it to about £250 cost to us. With that in mind I asked maybe a dozen people at the show who were looking at ExpressPro/Mojo if they'd consider it and what price - they ALL thought £250 would be a waste of cash.

Now - what with SDi Mojo maybe it's worth re-investigating. MC Soft (the current less-than-£5k Avid package) appeals not only to wedding videographers but broadcasters and serious facilities people. In fact, Root6 have asked my to prototype one up - watch this space.


Rupert said...

Oi, now you've made the cost to us public you'd better sharpen up that discount pencil when you talk to Bryant ;-)

Phil Crawley said...

Well - it would be £250 if we were only doing it for an analogue Mojo.
Since an SDi Mojo is functionally equivelent to an SD Adrenaline you have to wonder where they saved the cash. It's all in consumer/broadcast divide - unbalanced audio, AES on BNCs, plastic enclosure etc. - that will be the bulk of the cost.
How much an AES balun costs, the price of buffer cards, the cost of getting a 1u box punched & engraved are all pretty much public domain and where we add value is in the clever engineering. It's gonna be more than £250 cost to us to 'pro-up' an SDi Mojo!