Friday, April 06, 2007

Kumala, kumala, kumala VISTA!

After trying to carve out a half-day to repave my Macbook with Vista I eventually got the chance. So, I threw in a new 160gig drive, re-loaded Tiger and used BootCamp v1.2 (which now comes with all the Vista drivers) and installed the copy of Vista Ultimate that James Clarke sent me straight from Microsoft!
Given that I have really enjoyed using this little MacBook for the last six months - it's been the fastest PC I've ever had for work purposes - I was interested to see how well Vista would run. I haven't been disappointed - I shall review my experiences with Vista soon, but here are a few thoughts about BootCamp 1.2 as it applies to the v.1 MacBook (white, dirty-white!);
  • Although BootCamp includes a proper keyboard layout it doesn't install it as default. Go to the Language Bar and install it as the primary keyboard layout.

  • The mouse-pad is a load more usable - including a very neat right-click feature and two-finger scrolling (as under OS-X)

  • The remote works with MediaPlayer - very good, I now need to retrieve that unused gadget from the depths of my rucksack!

  • The eyesight camera works (even thought the release notes say it won't).

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