Friday, March 07, 2008

Belkin Skype handset - died and fixed (again!)

This is the third one of these handsets I've had and when they work they are great - Skype actually offers pretty darn good results - very little latency and surprisingly high vocal quality. Per Steve Gibson's suggestion I use a dedicated port for Skype (any port above 1024 will do), and open that port for UDP connections on my router. This eliminates the need for Skype Supernode support and seems to reduce latency. However - these handsets seems to develop a fault where when I connect my Skype phone to my wireless router it connects, however I receive a message telling me that the phone is unable to connect to the internet. When this happened again on the current handset I realised I was outside the 12 month window and so packed it away with a sigh. I checked their website for any firmware or suggestions but nothing. Now - three weeks later and I thought I'd take it around a couple of the root6 premises and see if it connected to any wireless APs there - it couldn't. As I was really packing it away I looked on Belkin again and guess what - well, see here, two firmware updates - the most recent saying it fixes this fault, and it did - hurrah!
One little aside - I'd never connected the handset to a Windows PC before but until I let Windows install the generic, USB driver for it the updater utility wouldn't see it.

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