Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My core competancies - what we tell prospective customers!


Workflow and environment design

We are ideally placed to design and implement small and large machine rooms and editing/production facilities. Fifteen years of operational engineering experience in studios, post, transmission and outside broadcast as well film/DI environments.


Based on customer style we can produce full AutoCAD documentation for any system.

Cable Scheduling

Because we understand how wiring teams work we can produce cable schedules that ensure builds are done economically and in a timely fashion.


PAT & general electrical safety testing & training

We are entirely familiar with current IEE regulations and can design as well as test electrical installations. Essential for a safe and reliable facility.

Custom Engineering

Bespoke panels & custom circuitry

Monitoring panels, custom metalwork and wooden enclosures. We can also design and implement analogue and digital PCBs for audio and switching work (for example).

Extending GPIs, serial ports, analogue signals over IP networks – LANs & WANs

If you need to extend contact closures or analogue signals over a network (local or the Internet) or get machine control via RS422/232 over a long distance then we can build custom PCBs to achieve this. Typically we have extended temperature sensors and alarm conditions between servers rooms in distant locations.


Consulting, monitor calibration etc.

We can calibrate colour displays to any required standard (EBU illuminant D, for example) and advise on colour management systems.

Fibre and high speed networking

Single mode & multi-mode bespoke loose-tube cabling and termination of all standards OM1 & OM3 Testing to recognised standards Cat 6/7 for gigabit and 10-gig N/Ws - testing to all standards. Unlike other SIs we can provide optimal solutions that will last and scale. We run multiple fusion splicers (we always deploy bespoke cables, never pre-mades) and all our wiremen and engineers are trained. We can audit existing installations using calibrated laser/test meters and advise on suitability for higher speed SAN working.

We are the only SI that has many thousands of fibre circuits and ten gigabit ethernet runs installed in London.

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