Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eyeheight legalisers parameter bugs

I came across this a couple of years ago - if you recall the Rec103 preset the ringing perfromace is wrong!
Here is the email I got from their tech support back in September 2006 and the one I installed a couple of days ago is still suffering!

...this is a software bug which we have just noticed and are now working on. We should have a fix within the next few weeks.

In the interim you could enter the values for the EBU settings you require manually. You could even store these values into memories and label them as explained in....

Here are the values for the various presets....

Memory 1 Legaliser On 0% - 100%

Memory 2 1. Set High Clip = 105%

EBU 103, 2. Set Low Clip = -5%

Tight 3. Set Ring Suppression to "MANUAL"

4. Set High Ring Threshold = 103%

5. Set Low Ring Threshold = -1%

Memory 3 1. Set High Clip = 103%

EBU 103, 2. Set Low Clip = -3%

Optim' 3. Set Ring Suspression to "MANUAL"

4. Set High Ring Threshold = 101%

5. Set Low Ring Threshold = 0

Memory 4 Bypass / Legaliser Off.

....hope this helps and we will contact you with the software up-date files which you can flash into your legaliser using the RS232 port of a PC.

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