Monday, February 09, 2009

Snouts in troughs?

It strikes me that you're either a died-in-the-wool capitalist or you're not. I think I've grown up enough to realise that not all folks who believe in free-markets are the very devil incarnate but these people who are willing to accept government handouts and then say their pay should be decided by the market are being a tad two-faced. If you believe in laissez-faire economics deep down in your heart and you're a banker then you should (if you're true to yourself) not accept state intervention. The market should decide if you sink or swim - then you can take whatever package you can get. If, however, you're happy to receive tax-dollars to keep you afloat then you have no right to claim the free-market high-ground - you've moved beyond believing exclusively in free-markets and you're now a different kind of banker.

Maybe they should have thought about this when they decided to butcher the economy for short-term personal gain.

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