Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tomato firmware

The tomato has got to be the best food-stuff ever - sliced tomato brightens up any sandwich and grilled tomato sets off any cooked meal. Where would Italian cookery be with it? If God made anything better he must have kept it for himself....
Anyhow - in the same way the best open-source router firmware is Tomato v.1.23 - I picked up a Buffalo WHR-G54S router on eBay for £14 and blew in the new firmware. It offers everything you'd expect from a corporate-grade firewall in a tiny package - QoS, all maner of MAC, IP, port & protocol routing and filtering as well as the ability to run C-Shell scripts on an event or times basis. I took me a couple of hours to set up but my network seems snappier, wireless devices connect quicker and I can monitor (in realtime) bandwidth usage by machine or protocol.

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Anonymous said...

ohhhhh the ability to monitor real-time bandwidth of protocols.... my eDonkey would blush at the idea ;-)