Saturday, September 26, 2009

Philips SRU5170 universal remote

With some birthday money I got one of these chaps - I have to say I was very impressed having used/programmed Cambridge/Logitechs etc in the past. This one has an automated identification function that got everything (Philips DVD-R, XBox 360, old Aiwa VHS, Panasonic TV, no-name 2nd DVB-T tuner) but missed my home-brew PVR (bit of a stretch!). However - it was trivial to dig out the IR mini-PS/2 keyboard and programme the buttons for the PVR individually. So, lots of remotes banished to the cupboard.

Oh - and PC World have them on half-price at the moment - £24 and the Tottenham Court Road branch had loads in stock yesterday.

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