Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blackmagic's new digital 'cinema' camera

In the same way that the Red One seemed to break the mold of digital cinematography three years ago the interesting development at the moment is the Blackmagic camera shown at NAB this year. It has a 2.5k sensor and supposedly 13-stops of range (that's 78dBs if you're a video person!). Anyhow - I look forward to hearing from anyone who has used it in a non-Blackmagic funded film!
So - here is an article (admittedly from BM) that has some sample footage; 12-bit RAW DNG files (they are logarithmic - that's how you capture 13-stops of dynamic range in only 12-bits!). I downloaded a sequence and had a crack at grading a frame to what I thought looked nice (colourist friends may well disagree!);

The untouched frame;

What I think looks nice;

and some detail to see how much resolution is there;

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