Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to do RS422 properly on the big Blackmagic Universal Videohub?

A job we're working on at the moment needs a big 288x288 HD/SDi and RS422 router. Budget means that the Black Magic is the only one that can be considered and it's hard to argue with sub £100k - Probel, Quartz-Everts etc would all cost four times that amount and so we're trying to figure out how to cable this one nicely.
The issue is going to be with the RS422; video will dress nicely on the cable tray down each side of the cabinet but the remotes are presented on a proprietry connector in the centre of each card. The only way of connecting to this is via a pre-made breakout cable that in only a metre long. So, after a lot of thinking and measuring we've come up with a solution.
 So far I've not been able to locate this connector - anyone have any thoughts?!
 Chopped breakout cable to see what the colour code of the cores is.

Nice 1/2u high cat7 jackfield which we'll use (need a dozen of them) to run down the intermediate rackstrip at the rear of the matrix to allow proper RS422 breakout.

The colour code we've settled on for this router when it's being cabled on cat6.

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